Little likes to work in the bustle of his family’s kitchen, which he says keeps him on track (Photograph by Carey Shaw)

Meet the University of Saskatchewan student behind Canada’s COVID-19 tracker

When the pandemic started, Noah Little created a website to keep track of rising case numbers. Today, it’s one of Canada’s most-viewed sources of COVID information.

Dr. Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan's Chief Medical OfficerThis portrait was taken in accordance with public health recommendations, taking all necessary steps to protect participants from COVID-19. (Photograph by Mark Taylor)

Saskatchewan’s top doctor won over his province—and has the pastry to prove it

A fortunate Prairie province has rallied around its top doctor, Saqib Shahab, who fell in love with Saskatchewan after moving from Pakistan to the small city of Yorkton

Kenney and Moe speak during a press conference at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn, Sask. on June 5, 2019 (CP/Michael Bell)

The reality of carbon prices sinks in

The provinces that resisted the federal plan will now have to chart a new path. But they already quietly understood what needs to be done.

Matheson outside Craik’s town offices on the last day he served as its temporary mayor (Photograph by Breanna Doucette-Garr)

A Saskatchewan town’s emergency pop-up mayor

Bryan Matheson took up an interesting part-time job after the provincial government called asking for a favour: Could he become mayor of Craik, Sask. for a little while?

The future of ‘Saskberta’

Two Prairie provinces will make common cause in 2020 in an alliance born of anger and economic pain

Why Trudeau’s cabinet is still all blurry on the western front

The PM wisely avoided a stunt move like appointing an unelected Albertan. And he spoke of the energy industry with some overdue respect.

Could Chrystia Freeland save Canada? 

Max Fawcett: If the Liberal government wants to contain the spread of Western alienation, they should turn to their most powerful Albertan—Chrystia Freeland

Carbon tax ruling is a modest win for Trudeau—but after a string of losses, whatever works

The Saskatchewan court decision puts the Liberals on better campaign footing at a time when they’re visibly wobbling

The rise of the Republic of the Northwest

David J. Bercuson and Barry Cooper imagine a future where western territories have split from Canada to escape the bureaucratic despotism of Ottawa

University of Regina Campus

What about Saskatchewan?

Two post-secondary options in the heart of the Prairies

The Saskatchewan Party’s history with the issue of equalization isn’t all that equal

Opinion: Scott Moe isn’t going to win, either in Saskatchewan or with the feds, on equalization—and his own party’s history has already proven that

Greyhound Canada’s cuts are a public safety crisis for Indigenous people

Opinion: Indigenous people will be disproportionately affected by the loss of one of the few—if not only—modes of accessible transportation in remote places