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How NOT to study for midterms

The art of wasting Time

With midterms looming, here are the five best ways to procrastinate:

5) Clicking the “random article” button on Wikipedia. And then, when List of towns in Western Australia appears, you decide you’ll get back to work the instant you find a vaguely interesting-sounding article.

So you press the button again. Aircraft parts industry.

The game continues.

4) Create an account on a boring online game that you would never actually waste time on during summer vacation. And then when your virtual garden has accumulated 5,800 points and you can finally purchase some bonsai trees,  it’s suddenly the night before your biochemistry midterm and there’s a whole chapter about amino acids to catch up on.

3) Arranging all the pencils on your desk into a to-scale TIE Fighter model. After a couple minutes of diligently working on your analysis paper, you suddenly realize: for every TIE Fighter, there must be an X-wing . . .

2) Remember that scene from the Bourne Supremacy, when Jason Bourne kills an assassin by smacking him with a rolled-up magazine? If you slow it down frame-by-frame, you can see that he was using an issue of Maclean’s. Seriously, take a look.

1) Writing a blog post about the five best ways to procrastinate.

-photo courtesy of Dvortygirl

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