Ontario pledges $100M for genomics research

Minister says funds will support "globally significant, collaborative research projects" in province

From the CBC:

The Ontario government has announced $100 million in new funding for genomics research, an effort to attract top researchers from around the world and keep them in the province.

Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson announced the new $100 million Global Leadership Round in Genomics and Life Sciences will support “globally significant, collaborative research projects” headquartered in Ontario.

Scientists who work in either genomics, gene-related research, or research into stem cells or proteins will be eligible to compete for the new funds.

The announcement comes after the federal government angered researchers failing to provide a new round of funding for Genome Canada, the not-for-profit agency responsible for funding large-scale science and genetics projects.

In April, Genome Canada announced it was pulling its support for an international stem cell consortium because of the lack of funds.

The federal budget also called for $147.9 million in cuts over three years to the three agencies that grant research funds to universities.