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The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2024

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Year Ahead

The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2023

The people, places, events and ideas that will define the year ahead
(Illustration by Pete Ryan)

How to fight the climate crisis with electricity

Canada can cut its emissions by scaling up one of our oldest technologies

A brilliant scientist was mysteriously fired from a Winnipeg virus lab. No one knows why.

She was escorted away by the RCMP more than two years ago, sparking international controversy. What really happened to Xiangguo Qiu?
Ruth Hamilton's dog, Toby, assesses the space rock after it has been returned by the Western University team (Photograph by Amy Barrett)

A meteorite nearly killed this B.C. woman in her sleep. Scientists say it could be 470 million years old.

The cosmic rock hurtled through space and time and landed in Ruth Hamilton’s bed, just beside her head. It could be worth thousands.
The new $10-billion James Webb Space Telescope; as the private sector funds routine spaceflight, space agencies can ‘push the frontiers’ (Courtesy of Desiree Stover/NASA)

Space exploration is about more than launching billionaires into orbit

The eye-rolling at the obvious PR stunt of sending William Shatner to space hides a growing antipathy towards space exploration—but we’ve forgotten how much humanity benefitted from it

The beetle scientist on a mission to name the world’s most beguiling bugs

Pat Bouchard wants to make sure each and every species of Coleoptera is properly identified
Janjua in front of the VSS Imagine, in Mojave, California, at the Virgin Galactic facility (Courtesy of Quinn Tucker/Virgin Galactic)

The elite Canadian pilot who’ll be flying Virgin Galactic tourists to space

Virgin Galactic’s "future astronauts" will be in the hands of an elite Canadian test pilot
(Victor de Schwanberg/Science Photo Library/Getty Images)

The multiverse theory, explained

The term you’re hearing more frequently combines comic-book cinema with quantum mechanics

Can treating poverty change a child’s brain?

A groundbreaking study is testing whether an injection of cash for poorer families can reshape a child’s early life and educational outcomes