Pantless UOregon ultimate frisbee team gets the boot

Season ends for highly ranked team after five players shed pants and underwear during match

In the world of intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee, it’s ultimately not cool to go without pants.

So says a student board that governs club sports at the University of Oregon.

The board ended a highly ranked team’s season after five players shed their pants and underwear April 11 during sectional play at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

The squad had already been on probation since November for serving alcohol to minors and making too much noise at a party to end last season, resulting in fines and citations.

Now the team, known as EGO (Eugene Gentlemen’s Organization) is crying foul.

Player Kevin Minderhout says the team feels “the decision to end the team season was pretty heavy.”

“We put on the longest shirts we had,” pleaded Minderhout. “We have some jerseys that are pretty long.”

Ultimate Frisbee, which is akin to flag football and is popular as a club sport at numerous universities and high schools, has rules but no referees. Players are responsible for their own foul calls and are to resolve their own disputes.

The sport is non-contact. Points are scored by completing a catch into the opponents’ end zone on a court measuring about 40 by 70 metres.

The Oregon team was considered No. 3 in the country.

During the April 11 incident, one team went without shirts and five on the other side went without pants and underwear.

Someone complained. The club sports executive committee, a review board of five students, held a hearing Monday. Team members didn’t do themselves any favours by saying there was nothing wrong with playing without pants.

Sandie Hammerly, executive director of the sport’s governing body in the United States, the Ultimate Players Association in Boulder, Colo., said she and the association’s championship director, Will Deaver, support the punishment.

“You have to wear clothing – it’s in the rules,” Hammerly said.

– The Canadian Press