Parking woes hit University of Regina

School oversells parking passes by 25 per cent

Students with vehicles are circling the parking lots to hunt for spots at the University of Regina — and they say it’s making them late for classes.

Many are frustrated because they had purchased parking passes in advance, but the university sold 25 per cent more passes than there are spots.

As many as 6,250 drivers could compete for 5,000 spaces at any given time, reports Global Regina. It’s unlikely that all drivers would ever show up simultaneously, but demand for spots is clearly outstripping supply.

The university’s population grew by 11 per cent this year, but Thomas Chase, Vice President (Academic) says that its residences and classrooms are ready to handle the growth.

Parking is increasingly difficult at other schools too. A Dalhousie University professor quit his job in August because, he said, it’s nearly impossible to find a parking spot. There are only 2,000 stalls for 20,000 staff and students at the Halifax school. Dalhousie sells as many as 3,300 passes per year.

But drivers aren’t frustrated at all universities. Some schools have ample — indeed affordable — parking. To see for yourself, click here for the 10 most (and least) expensive parking passes.