Jonathon Gatehouse

Jonathon Gatehouse on ’Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood’

Ten years ago, Jonathon Gatehouse wrote about an impoverished and crime-plagued Regina neighbourhood. He reads some of the responses to a recent follow-up story.

Ten years later, we ask again: What’s wrong in Regina?

A decade ago, Maclean’s labelled North Central ’Canada’s worst neighbourhood’. It remains a source of controversy and neglect.
A ‘new Lucian Freud’

Andrew Salgado, a ‘new Lucian Freud’

He’s got solo shows in NYC and London. Now the Canadian artist is ready for Regina.
Andrew Scheer

The Scheer madness of Saskatchewan’s boundary battle

Colby Cosh on pie slices and the boundaries commission

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Most likely to suffer an aggravated assault:

Canada’s most dangerous cities: aggravated assault

Eschew dingy bars, dark alleys, harsh words, and all jokes about Saskatchewan
parking lot Tokyo

Parking woes hit University of Regina

School oversells parking passes by 25 per cent
Missing image

Censorship in Regina?

Prof’s lecture on "The Case for Boycotts..." cancelled