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One thing I didn’t do during reading week

It's like when Frosted Flakes claims to be part of a nutritious breakfast

In public school, that long endless gap between Christmas break and summer vacation is tolerable, thanks to snow days, P.A. days and Easter weekend.

But in university, there are no more snow days.

You’ll never get a Friday off because of a P.A. day.

And Easter weekend isn’t until after the last day of lectures. Yes, it means university students are being robbed. If there isn’t any school missed, it doesn’t officially count as a holiday.

Only March break survived the Public School Holiday Massacre. But first it had to go under the Vacation Protection program. March break got a new name. And, uh, it isn’t in March anymore. Now it’s in the middle of February. And it’s called ‘reading week.’

It’s sort of like when Frosted Flakes claims to be part of a nutritious breakfast. Sure, it might be part of a nutritious breakfast. It’s just not the nutritious part.

Calling it ‘reading week’ just means the old March break got a facelift. An unexpected upgrade. And now we’re all just pretending that we’re, uh, reading.


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