The nightmare cruise before Christmas

A dramatic retelling of a Melnyk family vacation, in collaboration with U.S. federal court documents
Nunavummiut await the treats delivered to Kuujjuaq by May (Isabelle Dubois)

Kuujjuaq pilot Johnny May has flung candy out of his plane on Christmas for 55 years—until now

The flying Santa of Kuujjuaq—brother of Governor General Mary May Simon—is getting down to earth. Or so he says.
An illustration of E. Scrooge's office as possums sit in his desk drawers

A Christmas Carol, but during the 2020 pandemic

“Has no one come to my funeral because large gatherings are forbidden in the pandemic?” The figure shook his head no.
Illustration of Adam Sandler wearing a mask

How Adam Sandler might sing for the 2020 holidays

"You can grouse and moana, about this damn corona"
The Grinch wearing a mask

How the Grinch stole a pandemic Christmas

He was sure every Who in the town was resistant / To keeping their gatherings socially distant. / “And they’re cooking their turkeys!” he yelped with anxiety. / “The year 2020 has crippled society!”
Christmas Crackers

Rank these Christmas cracker jokes from best to worst

Okay, these are all just a little cheesy, but sure to bring on a smile, a chuckle or at the very least, a bemused groan
Wrapped presents under the Christmas tree in a cozy festive atmosphere

What’s the best Christmas song?

Maclean’s most festive writers made their picks. Help us pick the best tune in the most crowded musical genre in the world.

Christmas with the royals: How to know who’s up, who’s down—and who’s feuding

The royals’ annual stroll stroll to Christmas Day services is a rare chance to glimpse the state of the House of Windsor
A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Reginald Owen (Ebenezer Scrooge), D’Arcy Corrigan, 1938.

Donald Trump gets a visit from Jacob Marley and the Christmas ghosts

Tabatha Southey: No one would play the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come until a Trump insider—who’s already taking on another big job—finally took the gig
President And Mrs Trump Attend National Christmas Tree Lighting

Behold! Unhinged Donald Trump brings Christmas to Washington

Allen Abel: Even as the president tweets insults, Santa Claus is giving him the benefit of the doubt. So are a surprising number of voters.