Waterloo’s digital media campus will press forward

Stratford campus, originally slated to cost $30-million, will open September 2009

A new University of Waterloo digital media campus for Stratford will go ahead with or without federal funding.

“We will be able to go forward,” Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson said Dec. 15.

The University of Waterloo campus, originally slated to cost $30-million, will open in September, 2009, with 20 to 50 graduate students.

The project was hinging on a $10-million contribution from the federal government. The province already committed $10-million, and Stratford would pay the rest. Now, with no sure sign of money from Ottawa, the project slashed its budget to $25-million. The province and city will maintain their commitments, and a fundraising campaign will be launched by the city, with some help from UW, to raise the last $5-million.

– The Canadian Press