Mango Curry Shrimp Dip (An Idiot-Proof Recipe)

Free time will be a hot commodity in a few weeks, so my biggest piece of advice at this point is: enjoy it! Or, you can use it to catch up on a couple life skills that are in major disrepair.

This attitude explains my recent enthusiasm for cooking. Or what I consider cooking, anyways, which is really more like… mixing. And occasionally pan frying. Very occasionally.

Last night, I re-created the most adventurous and possibly the most labour intensive recipe I have ever attempted. And I totally screwed it up! (I tried to halve the recipe, but forgot halfway through.) Even still, it was extremely delicious, and therefore it makes a fancy looking, yet risk-free, meal for any student just striking out on their own.

It’s called ‘Shrimp Mango Curry Dip.’ It was passed along on a photocopied sheet from an unknown cookbook, but I figure it has been altered to meet the needs of each passing cook. For example, I can never find mango chutney, so I just use peach or apricot jam. Still delicious. And while it’s divine on crackers, you can warm it up and use it as a sauce for penne, or served on a bed of rice. Extremely delicious.

4 oz. Cream cheese
½ cup sour cream
1/3 jar mango/peach/apricot jam or chutney.
1 tsp. curry powder
Shrimp – however many you want! (I buy them frozen and cooked, heat them up in a pan, and then cut them in halves)
¼ cup onions (again, how much do you like onions?)
2 green onions (I use a handful of red pepper chunks instead. It looks prettier.)
salt and pepper to taste.

Mix it all together until smooth.  It should be a creamy shade of vivid orange.

While the portions might not look huge in the bowl, this makes quite a big batch, and paired with rice or pasta, it’s very filling. If you don’t want to eat it for three days, save it for a dinner party (it should serve atleast 3 or 4) or bring it to a potluck as a dip. I guarantee you will be extremely popular.