Which Canadian universities best prepare you for employment?

We asked 23,000 students across the country whether their university education is preparing them for the working world. The top schools may surprise you
Automne 2017. (François Lafrance/Université de Sherbrooke)
Automne 2017. (François Lafrance/Université de Sherbrooke)

In our fourth student survey, we asked more than 23,000 students about their study habits, how much time they spend partying and how often they cheat. This annual project remains one of the largest of its kind and provides an in-depth look at university campuses across Canada from students’ perspective.

The results offered insights into how students select a school in the first place. For instance, 45 per cent of respondents said the reputation of a particular program at their school was “very important” when they made a selection. Only 40 per cent cared about the school’s overall reputation. Similarly, 42 per cent of individuals said the opinion of their friends wasn’t important “at all” when picking a school.

As part of the survey, we also asked the students whether their education is preparing them for post-graduate employment. The survey also explored whether the students’ school—and program—helped them write clearly and concisely. Here, their hype-free answers to these very pressing questions.