A whoopsie and a plug

Photographer Liam Maloney and I did this slideshow thingy on the Bixi last year. See it here.

As it is wont to do on occasion, The New York Times recently sauntered up to these parts to slobber all over us. Thanks! I’ll let the writer’s suggestions speak for themselves–they’re quite good, and I’m glad he didn’t include my favourite dive–and just point out that anyone travelling up from New York with plans of renting a Bixi for $5 a day will be sorely disappointed. Have you ever seen a sorely disappointed New Yorker? Hell hath no fury.

The $5 in question is the daily subscription fee, which gets you the first half hour of pedal time. Bixis are meant for short haul trips, and the fees increase the longer you hang on to the thing. Were said New Yorker to actually hang on to the brute for 24 hours, it would cost him $276.50–an amount that would get you no less than 12 Poutines au foie gras at Au Pied de Cochon. I know which one I would prefer.

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