Martin Patriquin

Martin Patriquin writes about Quebec and sometimes everything else.

In Quebec City, heartbreak and painful lessons

In a city where politicians call for burqa bans and values charters, the Centre Culturel Islamique was a model of hope and integration

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The Conservative Party leadership debate that didn’t matter

Who ‘won’ the second French debate of the Tories’ leadership race? It’s immaterial. The real campaign is about to begin.


Why should a PM speak French? Political reality.

Stephen Harper once railed against bilingualism, but came to understand that not knowing French was a sure way to lose


Inside Nick Kouvalis’s fake news strategy

Leitch’s campaign manager calls it ‘Operation Flytrap’—his plan to root out anyone joining the Tories just to oppose his candidate

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How Nick Kouvalis turns candidates into winners

Nick Kouvalis got Rob Ford elected. Now, he’s the brains behind Kellie Leitch’s populist campaign.


Identity politics returns to Quebec

Why populism and identity issues are set to dominate Quebec politics, perhaps one more time, in the year ahead

Failure to launch once a threat to the provincial liberals, the CAQ has stumbled badly.

A short history of scapegoating Muslims in Quebec

The Coalition Avenir Québec’s new ad features a warning and Muslim woman in a chador. It’s a familiar gambit in Quebec politics.


The return of the angry Quebec premier

Normally a picture of serenity, Philippe Couillard is losing his cool in the face of some surprisingly disciplined opposition


What Montreal meant to Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s beloved Montreal went beyond the neighbourhoods of his youth, beyond the Jewish quarters in Westmount

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Hillary Clinton’s big problem

It had less to do with gender and more with the fact that Clinton was a terrifically flawed candidate who failed to inspire voters.


In Quebec, the police are political—and that’s a big problem

Quebec police are facing a scandal over tapping journalist’s phones. Here’s why it raises troubling questions.


Why Adam Capay spent 1,560 days in solitary

From 2016: The UN would call Adam Capay’s treatment torture. In a Canadian prison, he was just another inmate in segregation.