About those parking lot fridge magnets... Rob Ford could be fined for breaking bylaw

Chris Young/CP

The day after various Toronto media outlets published versions of a story about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford attending a community meeting and leaving abruptly to place “Rob Ford” fridge magnets on cars parked in the church lot, a bylaw enforcement officer is investigating to see if Ford broke any rules during his magnet blitz.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, a resident complained to the city after finding the Ford magnet on their car. A city bylaw deems it illegal to be found: “depositing handbills on vehicles and handing handbills to pedestrians,” says the Star.

The uncertainty comes around whether the magnets fall under the handbill category. If he is found to have broken the bylaw, Ford could get off with just a warning, or face a fine of between $100 and $150, reports the Star.