Attention Canadians: Samsung Galaxy S4 will allow users to wear gloves

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has tapped into a market of chilly Canadians. It will allow users to wear gloves while operating its touch screen.

Imagine the possibilities. No more frozen fingers while texting at the bus stop. Capturing that brag shot from the top of a ski hill on a powder day will carry less risk of frostbite. And it will eliminate the need for goofy looking gloves with those conductive fibers sewn into the fingertips.

The gloves announcement grabbed the attention of Canadian tech journalists. Example:

The same technology that allows users to wear gloves during operation also allows the phone to sense fingers hovering just above the screen, a feature that works with some apps.

Though, maybe the screen isn’t quite the revolution Canadians need to keep their fingers toasty. put the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the test and found that its working-with-gloves claim didn’t hold up as well as promised. Reviewers Melissa Grey and Lauren Hockenson write: “We tried out several gloves of varying thickness and only with the very thinnest eventually did the Galaxy S4 register that a finger was, in fact, touching the screen after about a dozen attempts jabbing at various buttons.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t the only smartphone to make this works-with-gloves claim. The Nokia Lumia 920‘s “Super Sensitive Touch” feature also allows users to wear gloves.

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