Daryl Kramp: Stealing Art Hanger's bit?

Remember how the Government Operations committee was going to debate Mark Holland’s motion to conduct a full review of the Lynch report on the NAFTA/Obama/PMO/CTV leak?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the meeting in time – that timeline wasn’t going to compile itself, after all – but I’m told that the acting chair – Conservative Daryl Kramp – followed in the footsteps – literally – of the Artful Dodger himself. Rather than take the vote – which would have gone in favour of the motion – he brought down the gavel and adjourned the meeting, and then fled the vicinity. Which, of course, doesn’t mean the motion is defeated. Instead, it will be the first item of business on the agenda for the next meeting, at which point the permanent chair – a Liberal – will have to contend with whatever cunning plan the Conservatives cook up to keep her from calling the vote.

Oh, committees. You take your eyes off them for one minute, and they go all PROC-shaped on you.

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