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BTC: Roll call

Not that anyone’s currently around to hold a vote. Nor that there could be a vote—or at least one that could matter. But for those of you keeping score at home, here’s a breakdown of those MPs who’ve spoken publicly about the appointment of Dr. Morgentaler.


BTC: Visible minority

If staying in Ottawa for any period of time, one is likely to become well-acquainted with the sole steadfast protester who has worn a yellow groove in the Parliament Hill sod. Located, more days than not, to the right of the eternal flame is a man we’ll call the Loneliest Crusader. Not much of a talker, he lets a few rather graphic posters convey his rather strident objection to the practice of abortion—much to the visible chagrin of school kids who wander by on summer field trips.


Daryl Kramp: Stealing Art Hanger’s bit?

Remember how the Government Operations committee was going to debate Mark Holland’s motion to conduct a full review of the Lynch report on the NAFTA/Obama/PMO/CTV leak?


Oh, come on. Even Lost had a more coherent story arc this season

Seriously? Has Who Wants To Chair The Justice Committee gone into reruns already? Did I miss the season finale?

Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights
Meeting No. 26
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Room 214, Wellington Building

Orders of the Day

Pursuant to Standing Order 106(4), meeting requested by four (4) members of the Committee to discuss their request to proceed to the vote on the appeal of the ruling of the Chair concerning the motion moved by the member from Beauséjour on March 11, 2008


ITQ Committee Lookahead Thingy – Justice (Possibly) No Longer Delayed, and other highlights

First and foremost – and as previously announced with what some might see as unhealthy glee earlier this week – ITQ would like to extend a very special welcome back to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, back by popular four-members-of-the-opposition demand this afternoon, after a three-week hiatus. We can only cross our fingers that it won’t end up being a re-run – literally, in the case of chairman Art Hanger – and that the motion to investigate the Cadman Affair will finally be put to democratic vote; there is, alas, no guarantee that this will happen, since the government members may decide to spend the two hours of allotted time filiranting about the tyranny of the majority, which will leave the committee pretty much exactly where it is right now: smack in the middle of a Tarantino-style standoff between the Conservatives and everyone else.