Dodging Artfully Once Again: Liveblogging the Shortest Justice Committee Yet

3:25:07 PM

3:25:07 PM
Five minutes to go until the show starts – can you sense the excitement? Is the Wellington building radiating with the glow of procedural sorcery? It should be. This is the first time the Justice committee has gotten together since the last time Art Hanger ran away; I’m not sure if we’re here for a long time, but let’s make it a good one, shall we?

The meeting hasn’t begun, but the murmurs have already begun — actually, they’re louder than murmurs, people are openly discussing tactics, possible motions and rulings — the stuff that dreams are made of. Extremely wonky dreams that I would never admit to having dreamt, although the worst was the other night, when I was trying to figure out a particularly devilish bit of blog formatting.

3:31:23 PM
Well, one vice-chair is here – Real Menard – which means that the chance of Hanger taking flight just rose at least 50%.

“Who plays chess?” That was Ken Epp. You think maybe he meant something deeper than that?

3:33:15 PM
Tap, tap: the chair—Art Hanger—opens the meeting by grudgingly acknowledging that he had no choice but to call the meeting. He goes on to explain why that is the caseÿwhich ITQ readers already know all too well, what with my repeatedly demanding that various committees be 106(4)ed back into existence. Oh, PROC. Someday we will be together again. He reminds us that the Cadman motion has been ruled out of order already, and says that the discussion is “out of order”—so there is nothing else to discuss. And that’s that.

“At least you stayed to adjourn the meeting,” says a surprisingly serene Dominic LeBlanc—who, it bears noting, is the tabler of the motion in question.

“What you people need is a meditator,” says someone else. ITQ volunteers for the job. Hey, we’ve got the experience at least, right?

Eight minutes. Is that a new record?