fun with presidents

Joe Queenan has a piece in the journal about how he’s glad Hillary won’t be president, because she’s no fun. Not sure about the hairsplitting between “boozehound” and “lush”, but he’s got a point:

UPDATE: Could be worse, of course. They could be stuck with Stephen Harper, the most No Fun leader iin the history of the Western world.

Down through our history, presidents have provided a cornucopia of chuckles for a hard-pressed electorate. Martin Van Buren was a fop. Andrew Jackson threatened to hang people who got on his nerves. Franklin Pierce took a daily nude swim in the Potomac, and is the only sitting president who ever ran someone over with a horse. Andrew Johnson was a boozehound, Warren Harding a lush, Zachary Taylor bust a gut and died after gorging himself on milk, cherries and pickles on July Fourth. Chester Arthur was a clown, William Taft a porker, and Teddy Roosevelt wore farcical hats. Harry Truman threatened to beat up music critics, Gerald Ford fell down stairs, LBJ liked to dangle beagles by the ears, and Richard (“I’m Not a Crook”) Nixon was a laugh a minute. Ronald Reagan would say inappropriate things in inappropriate settings, George H.W. Bush didn’t know what a supermarket scanner was, George W. Bush projects the Alfred E. Newman look, and Jimmy Carter got attacked by a killer rabbit. As for Bill Clinton . . . well, we all know about Bill Clinton.

By no stretch of the imagination could Hillary Clinton ever amuse the rest of us the way these megaliths of mirth have.

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