Rona Ambrose, the Conservative ringmaster

The Tory interim leader on steering her party through a ‘make-or-break’ period—and the circus that is its leadership race
Syrian Civil War

Which refugees are better than others?

Why the Conservative government’s policy on whom it would prefer to admit as a refugee is so problematic
Stephen Harper

The good news—but missed opportunity—in Harper’s RESP pledge

When it comes to boosting the use of RESPs, the question of how many people participate is as important as how much those who participate contribute

Should fentanyl be an election issue?

While the drug’s deadly toll rises, on a visit to B.C. today, the prime minister kept mum
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The Harper government is doing more harm than good for the oil sands

Canada’s energy industry must demand that our government take the problem of greenhouse emissions seriously

Has Harper hurt Canada’s position in the world?

A survey of international changes under Harper, from trade to diplomatic data, suggests the answer is ’no’
Seriously, Harper’s funny

Seriously, Harper’s funny

Why jokes may be the best way to get young people talking politics
Fawzia Koofi

Listening to Afghans

Andrew Potter on the one book about Afghanistan Stephen Harper should be reading
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Coyne v. Wells on the ’alleged outbreak of civility’ in Parliament

"I’ll take substance with nastiness over civil emptiness, anytime..."

Got Senate reform if you want it

Three possible explanations for Stephen Harper’s feckless approach to the Senate.