GiornoWatch: All quiet on the GEDS front …

… but that could just mean that it did not escape (low-level flunkie) notice that some of us spent the day  refreshing this page every ten minutes to see if any names had appeared – or disappeared. But according to the berryvine, the carnage at Langevin Block has begun. Annoyingly, that’s about as specific as it has gotten so far, at least as far as ITQ’s inbox.

Then again, given the manic glee with which we leapt on the first wave of Giornologists, perhaps the rest of the newbies-to-be are frantically proofreading their Facebook profiles. This is the big league, boys. Spelling counts, as does grammar, and while we’re on the subject, do you really need that many apps? Just say no to Super Wall.

Meanwhile, National Newswatch has now confirmed that the NDP has another “star candidate” on the roster for the next election –  Anne Lagace-Dowson, who until very recently — like a few days ago — was the host of CBC Montreal’s Radio Noon. What with that news coming out today, and Michael Byers throwing his hat in the orange ring yesterday, I figure there’s one more to go, at least if the NDP has any respect for the rule of threes.

Finally, there’s a new Harris Decima poll that shows the Conservatives tied with the Liberals nationally, but dropping like a stone in Quebec and Ontario, and amongst women. Why? According to Bruce Anderson, it may be due to the failure to  “articulate a value-based agenda that really appeals to these folks” – particularly on climate change. “These folks”, apparently, being Quebeckers, Ontarians and women — who, if memory serves, make up slightly more than half the population, and who – at least, according to Anderson’s theory, don’t seem to have yet embraced the notion that Oily the Splot can deliver a credible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not to worry, though — Guy Giorno is here. He’ll tell them what to do!

As usual, please feel free to gossip wildly in the comments.

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