Glenn Beck launches blue jeans line

Conservative commentator responds to ’socialist’ Levi’s advertisement

If it isn’t enough to display political views on a T-shirt, a button, or even a lawn sign, U.S. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has launched his own line of blue jeans.

The 1791 Supply Co. Denim comes in two men’s styles, straight cut and classic cut, which sell for $129.99. (Sorry ladies, no women’s styles yet.) It also comes with a pro-American rocket builder commercial.

Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

Beck created the jeans after getting mad at this Levi’s advertisement shown during the Super Bowl.

Which he likened to “European socialists marching.”

So far, the jeans and their accompanying rocket-ship ad haven’t quite taken off, but they have generated much snarky online commentary. From Adweek: “Real men build rocket ships with their bare hands. Real men wear Glenn Beck jeans. They’re American jeans, partly because they were made in America but mostly because Glenn Beck says so.”

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