Harper’s popularity in “dramatic fall” since February: poll

Canada’s governing Conservatives have had a tough spring, filled with robo-calls, F-35 jets spending, and ministers with shamelessly lavish preferences. Adding to the bad news, a new poll by Nanos Research published in today’s Globe shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s popularity is taking a hit:

When Canadians were asked two months ago to name the federal leader they believed to be the most competent, 38.1 per cent said Mr. Harper. In the latest poll, that score dropped to 24.2 per cent. When asked which leader they trust, 31.7 per cent said Mr. Harper in February compared to just 20 per cent in April.

Adding to Tory woes, the same poll shows the party in statistical tie with the NDP led by Tom Mulcair: 34.7 per cent of voters would support the Tories if an election were held today, 32.4 per cent would vote NDP, and 23.3 per cent would back the Liberals.

Another poll conducted this week by Forum Research and published in the Hill Times found that “Nearly two-thirds of Canadians who are aware of the government’s $25-billion plan to replace Canada’s fighter jets with the more sophisticated state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets don’t trust Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government to do what’s best for Canada with respect to the project.”



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