India and Pakistan renew peace talks

Two countries will resume negotiations over the status of Kashmir

Officials from India and Pakistan announced on Thursday they would resume peace talks which have stalled since the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008, in which Pakistani militants killed 163 people. Renewed talks were set to happen after the foreign secretaries of both countries met on Sunday. The United States is eager for the two countries to resolve their differences over Kashmir province, so that Pakistan can divert its military capabilities from the Kashmiri border to the Pakistani frontier with Afghanistan to fight the Taliban insurgency. Both nuclear-armed countries nearly went to war over the disputed Kashmir province in 2001, and the peace talks, which began in 2004, were making progress until the Mumbai attacks. India has said that talks could not be a possibility until Pakistan brings the attackers to justice. The renewed talks are expected to address issues of counterterrorism and improving economic relations between the two neighbours.

New York Times

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