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My devastating, inspiring trip to provide flood relief in Pakistan

Following the worst floods in Pakistan history, Mashaal Saeed of Islamic Relief Canada shares what she witnessed
Pakistan Christians Threatened

Religious freedom is under assault. Will Canada be its champion?

The world stands by as Pakistan’s blasphemy laws claim lives and incite violence, opening the door to similar abuse around the world

A glimmer of hope in the Pakistan-India conflict

Adnan R. Khan: There are signs of a schism growing between the Pakistani army and the militants it created who set off the latest tensions

Can Pakistan control its extremists?

The release of a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy has riled up conservatives and shown just how much power they hold over the country
Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile

The most dangerous thing Donald Trump has done yet

Adnan R. Khan on why Trump’s moves against a nuclear-armed, highly unstable Pakistan are a bigger threat than Iran or North Korea
Leaving Afghanistan.

The world must finish its job—and protect its legacy—in Afghanistan

Opinion: Former diplomat Chris Alexander on what’s at stake and what must happen in Afghanistan, as America announces more troops

Why America won’t exit Afghanistan any time soon

Barack Obama vowed to withdraw from America’s ‘longest war.’ Now, he’s having to face the reality that Afghanistan is unfixable.
Pakistan Afghan Outreach

Redeeming the Pashtun, the ultimate warriors

Lasting peace in Afghanistan won’t just need talks with the Taliban. It will also require rescuing a shattered Pashtun culture
Maulana Abdul Aziz

Pakistan fights back

Inside the secular movement that’s fighting back against Pakistan’s militant Islamic preachers

The new nuclear threat

India and Pakistan are building up their arsenals, and one terror attack could ignite an all-out war