Inkless Wells takes a trip down Gomerian memory lane ...

Or perhaps a tour of the Gomerytham sewer system in a glass-bottomed boat. Let’s just hope he leaves a trail of breadcrumbs so he can find his way back to the present day:

I’ve been working on the railroad: memories of Gomery (I)
Mr. Martin’s gentle ride: Memories of Gomery (II)
Not a hostile witness, but maybe a skeptic: Memories of Gomery (III)
A nasty business: Memories of Gomery (IV)

Also, check out what we’re billing as “the toughest Canada Day quiz ever” here. I’ll confess that I barely got above a passing grade — but am confident that our readers are far smarter than me, and will sail through it with no difficulty whatsoever. (Feel free to brag/bitterly question the legitimacy of the questions in the comments below.)

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