Insta-super-mini recap of James Moore's Friday afternoon scrum on the Cadman Affair

“Hey, you guys! You reporter people! Yes, I know we usually don’t seek you out, but whenever the RCMP decides not to lay charges against senior party officials, it’s a special occasion. So – on the whole Cadman thing, we were right! The Liberals?  They weren’t just wrong, they were entirely, one hundred percent wrong! In fact, it was the Liberals who made the whole thing up in the first place, and that’s why we’ll see them in court! In court, where Liberals end up, as opposed to the court where not a single unnamed Conservative official is headed! Vengeance will be ours, sayeth the —

What’s that? You want to ask about the latest report on Julie Couillard’s steadily growing collection of shady ex-husbands and other associates? Sorry, I’m out of here.

The whole thing lasted maybe two minutes. Maybe. It was — kind of breathtaking. Actually, it wasn’t even as though James Moore really seemed all that gleeful and imbued with that air of schadenfreudalicious self-righteousness that, say, Pierre Poilievre does so well, despite undoubtedly having been ordered to give that impression. He just looked angry. And testy. And, when the Couillard question came up, which was pretty much immediately, he looked angry, and testy, and then he didn’t look like anything at all, as he was striding angrily and testily out of the foyer.

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