James Moore


Evan Solomon on guillotines, long knives and politics

The tough road to renewal for the NDP and Conservatives
James Moore

James Moore heads home

Sometimes when they say they want to spend more time with family, they mean it
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James Moore is sorry

Love thy neighbour as thyself, but keep thy food to thyself?
James Moore

Need to know: James Moore gets candid on child poverty

The Industry Minister started talking about not feeding his neighbours’ kids
Bill Blair Doug Ford

Fight club: The top feuds of 2013

Public battles waged by Madonna, Jim Carrey and the Brothers Ford
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The Power Issue: James Moore

At 37, the B.C. MP is one of the most prominent Conservative cabinet ministers
Lisa Raitt

What happened to defending air travellers?

What wasn’t in the Throne Speech
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’This is simply ridiculous’: The census and Audrey Tobias

The National Household Survey is panned again
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Why are we threatening this nice old lady with prison?

’Should the federal government face the same courts for killing the long-form census?’
Peter Van Loan

Peter Van Loan no longer thinks Mike Duffy displayed leadership

’Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made those comments’