James Bond—in the buff

A nude painting of Sean Connery has been unearthed in Scotland

A nude painting of former James Bond star Sir Sean Connery has been discovered in his native Scotland. Should you care to see what Connery once looked like in the nude, the painting will soon be part of an exhibition in the UK. Before launching his acting career, Connery acted as a nude model for art students. The newly-discovered work was created in 1951, 11 years before his debut as 007. The painting was discovered among a pile of works by artist Rab Webster, who lived in Selkirk, Scotland until his death last month. “He said Connery treated it just as a job and that he didn’t say very much,” explains Nick Bihel, a relative of Webster. “I have no idea how much the painting of Sean Connery would be worth. At the moment we are just taking stock of the situation but we would like to put them on display in Selkirk in the near future.”

Daily Express