Red Notice (Frank Masi/Netflix © 2021)

Netflix Canada in November 2021: What’s new this month

Here’s Jaime Weinman’s list of the new shows and movies worth checking out on Netflix in Canada

‘This is the End’ but Seth Rogen is still laughing

Canadian comedian discusses his feature directing debut


Actor Andy Griffith dies at 86

Actor Andy Griffith passed away this morning at his home in North Carolina, according to Dare County sheriff. The family will release more information about the cause of death at a later time. Griffith had suffered a heart attack in 2000 and had quadruple bypass surgery.

Fake Queen’s University advertisement plays up sterotypes

Entertaining, if you don’t take it too seriously

Google, Apple, and Netflix: tomorrow’s entertainment studios?

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Break a leg Spider Man

Break a leg, Spider-Man

‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ may be the first musical to credit its success to stage catastrophes


Going up against Hitler, with a stutter

Oscar favourite Colin Firth excels as a stammering royal who has to inspire a nation


Second life

Newsmaker Combacks


A year of new faces, returning heroes, and that golden goal

Along with Crosby, a number of other former Newsmakers make their return to our list


Look mom, no hands!

Microsoft’s new optical gaming system is all a part of its strategy to take over the living room


Dick Van Dyke rescued by porpoises

84-year-old actor had drifted far from shore on a surf board


James Bond—in the buff

A nude painting of Sean Connery has been unearthed in Scotland