Maclean’s wins four National Magazine Awards

Editor-in-chief Alison Uncles was named top editor, and Maclean’s also took home awards for Humboldt coverage and best website

Maclean’s writers, editors, photographers, videographers and designers won four awards at this year’s National Magazine Awards, at a ceremony in Toronto, as well as a top prize at the Digital Publishing Awards at a separate gala. The magazine had racked up 15 total nominations across both programs, and its four Golds at the NMAs were the most of any magazine.

Editor-in-chief Alison Uncles was named top magazine editor at the NMA gala. The magazine also took home gold awards for three editorial projects:

  • Our cover that shone a light on Canada’s persistent pay-equity gap, and charged two different newsstand prices to men and women to reflect that gap;
  • Our oral history of the tragic Humboldt bus crash, which saw on-the-ground reporters coordinating with each other, and editors, as they brought the story to life after painful conversations with those closest to the victims; and
  • Our 100-page commemorative issue to mark the end of the First World War, which featured more than 66,000 individual covers that paid tribute to every fallen Canadian—and sparked countless conversations with readers about their loved ones.

Maclean’s also won a DPA for general excellence in digital publishing. Check out our impressive list of finalists across several categories in both the NMAs and the DPAs.