Man says he’s found the secret recipe for Coca-Cola. It can be yours for $15 million.

A man who says he has found the top-secret recipe for Coca-Cola is selling it on eBay, for a starting bid of $5 million and a “buy-now” price of $15 million.

The man claiming to have the secret formula is Georgia resident Cliff Kluge, an antiques lover who, along with his wife, purchased a box of letters at an estate sale and found the recipe in it. “It’s a treasure hunt,” Kluge told local television station 11Alive. “We go around looking for treasure. And apparently we may have found some.”

The recipe dates back to 1943, writes Kluge in his eBay posting:

“…we were at an estate sale of a deceased, renown Chattanooga chemist, who at one time worked at one of the more prominent chemical companies in the area. There were masses upon masses of personal paperwork at the sale. Curious, we bought several boxes of this paperwork, which yielded some interesting finds. Among those finds is what is offered for sale here – what we believe to be the formula for Coca Cola.”

The recipe is also very close to another Coca-Cola recipe NPR radio program This American Life found in 2011 and posted on its website, to much international media coverage.

Kludge tells 11Alive that he contacted Coca-Cola, which promised to call him back in 10 business days and then failed to do so. The company released this statement to the television reporter: “Through the years, many have tried to crack the secret formula, but no one has been able to reproduce the ‘real thing.'”

The company says that the only paper copy of the recipe for Coca-Cola is hidden in a vault in the tourist-attraction World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.