Mandatory reading on the volunteer census

Anthony Philbin and I share a coffee shop in St-Henri. His blog, ‘Canadian PM in Waiting’ plays on the fact that, if Stephen Harper ever needed a Saddam-style body double to take a few pies/shoes/bullets for him, Philbin would be a shoe in (ha!). The doppelgänger-ness is downright freaky, right down to the ice blue eyes and mildly uncomfortable smile.

Mind you, after reading this, I doubt Philbin would be interested. Or Harper, for that matter.

By getting rid of the mandatory, long form census and replacing it with a voluntary alternative, conservatives like Stephen Harper are confident that they will be able to leverage the right’s higher degree of volunteerism and political engagement and thereby begin the process of skewing census results to reflect the right’s minority political positions and social attitudes.

Read the whole post here.

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