Mubarak speaks

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak calls for government's resignation

President Hosni Mubarak has finally addressed Egypt, following the third day of violent mass protests in Cairo, when thousands of anti-government demonstrators defied a government-imposed curfew, set fire to the governing party’s headquarters and the military was dispatched into the streets. Mubarak expressed regret at the loss of life of both police and protesters, and said he has been listening to protesters’ demands. He has asked the government to resign and will designate a new government on Saturday, although he himself will not step down. “We will continue our political, economic and social reforms for a free and democratic Egyptian society,” he said. In response to the international criticism of the government’s decision to block internet and mobile phone access during the protests, Mubarak said that Egypt’s media and civil liberties allowed Egyptians to protest on the scale that they did, but that “there is a fine line between freedom and chaos.” Within minutes of finishing address, protesters reportedly returned to the streets once again, chanting “Down with Mubarak.”


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