Number 1 in my books

Last year, Charles McGrath of Play magazine penned the perfect description of Phil Mickelson, golf’s perennial Number 2: “Tiger plays a game we can only marvel at, with that perfect physique and unwavering focus. Phil, flabbier and streakier, plays one we can almost recognize — he’s just like us, only better. And on a tour where the key to winning these days seems more and more to be to turn yourself into a zombie, Mickelson’s occasional failings are welcome proof of humanity. He may be an idiot sometimes, but he’s our idiot.”

This afternoon, Lefty reminded us—yet again—why he’ll always be our idiot. In the opening round of the U.S. Open, Mickelson found his Titleist buried in some deep rough, but instead of playing the safe pitch to the fairway, he pulled out a wood and went for broke. Like the rest of us “idiots,” his ball flew about three feet. (The video still isn’t online anywhere, but it will be soon enough).

Thank you, Phil. You can squeeze in my foursome anytime…

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