Penguin power

A brief venture into the belly of the Pittsburgh beast reveals a stunning level of attention to the Penguins—as much or more than I saw in Ottawa when the Sens reached the final last year.

Saw “Go Pens go” signs up in windows, banners on the buildings. School kids wore white to school today in solidarity with the team. Dozens of people on the street wearing jerseys.  Personal favourite was a gangsta kid—cornrows, Timberland workboots and all—wearing one of those ’70s era baby-blue replica jerseys. On the back: Evgeni Malkin, #71.

Wow. White Russian meets urban America…

UPDATE: They’re showing the game live on a jumbo screen outside the building, rain or shine. Right now it’s raining, and there’s an enormous crowd out there starting to party. I think we should give these people honorary Canadian citizenship.


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