Petro-Can Olympic glasses are back!


Liz Manley proposes a toast

We suggest beer, Liz

Remember those gas-station glasses from ’88? Man, we used those things ’til the gold rims wore off them. Which was, like, a couple of months. But then we kept using them.

And we loved them, didn’t we? Petro-Canada sold 50 million of the little gems, which is two for every person in the country at the time. People burned gas just so they had an excuse to stop and buy more glasses.

So I have to admit it tugs my heart-strings to hear the company has resurrected the program for 2010. It’s part of their plan to raise $13 million for Canadian athletes—money the kids need despite improved support from the feds. As bloated oil giants go, these guys are tops.

This Olympiad’s line-up includes a water tumbler (now available, and pictured above with Elizabeth Manley, Canada’s favourite chipmunk), an old-fashioned, a tall beer glass and a coffee mug. The company plans to roll them out over the next six months at a cost of $3.99 each. No gold rims this time, but each one features a “petroglyph” meant to symbolize something about peace or harmony and, presumably, to encourage use of the prefix “petro.”

The 2010 inukshuk logo is done in relief.


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