PolitigationWatch: Colourless Green Ideas Shift Furiously

After spending most of yesterday trying to sort out the latest twist and turns in the Tale of the Tape, ITQ will be going a field trip this morning – to Liberal Party HQ in downtown Ottawa, where Green Shift, Inc. founder Jennifer Wright will “hand-deliver documents” to bemused party officials, which most likely means her Statement of Claim.

I guess that means she found a lawyer willing to take the case pro bono — or, alternatively, that the Green Shift Victory Fund — which, of course, has taken the exact same name as the Liberal Party’s recently launched Victory Fund — has has been even more successful than its creator – who describes himself as a “Canadian Conservative atheist” had hoped.

Anyway, after the photo-op at LPC Central, Wright heads off to the Hill, where she will hold a press conference to provide more details on her fight to “stop the Liberal Party of Canada from appropriating [the company’s] trade mark name [sic].”

Okay, so it’s probably not going to be as thrilling as the last time ITQ liveblogged from a party’s headquarters — or the time before that, come to think of it — but at least it’ll be a nice break from trying to figure out the layout of Dona Cadman’s front porch.

Oh, and in case anyone out there was worried — yes, GiornoWatch will return. Later today, in fact, as long as no political parties get sued, or raided, or prorogue Parliament.

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