Green shift


Atmospheric user fees

Frances Woolley thinks it’s time to rebrand the carbon tax.

Yes, he’s running again

Yes, Stéphane Dion is running again

Despite all he suffered through during the 2008 campaign, Dion refuses to quit the race


What happened and why (III)

From the CES survey, the stuff of Stephane Dion’s nightmares.


Signs of life for Michael Ignatieff

Prorogation allowed Ignatieff to see through the fog of his foibles and find his vision


‘We had a good plan’

In a speech at Carleton, Stephane Dion reflects.


Megapundit: Ottawa’s accountant vs. Washington’s poet

Must-reads: Colby Cosh on Obama’s geneaology; Dan Gardner takes on Margaret F***ing Atwood; Don Martin on Canadian asbestos; Rick Salutin on Stéphane Dion.


Wells: Why Dion was not a leader, in his own words

The 8:30 a.m. tactics meeting got too big. So he began a secret 7:30 meeting. Guess what?


The Green Shift that might have been

The instant, universal wisdom after the election — the more instant, the more universal, as always — was that the Green Shift was second only to Stephane Dion as a Liberal vote-killer.


Megapundit: The age of meritocracy

Must-reads: Dan Gardner on the end of capitalism; Don Martin and Janet Bagnall on gender politics.


Megapundit: Hard to starboard!

Must-reads: Chantal Hébert, Josée Legault and John Robson on the battle for the political centre; Dan Gardner on the Green Shift; Colby Cosh on Alberta politics.


Megapundit: Stephen Harper and his “Marie Antoinette insouciance”

Must-reads: Greg Weston, John Ivison and Chantal Hébert recap election night.


The Green Shift, part two

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