Quebec acid attack victim in coma

Tanya St-Arnaud’s boyfriend, Nikolas Stefanatos, has been charged with aggravated assault

Tanya St-Arnaud from Longueuil, Quebec is in a coma after she was attacked with acid by her boyfriend on Sunday. Her boyfriend is set to appear in court for a bail hearing on Friday.

27-year-old Nikolas Stefanatos from Brossard was charged with aggravated assault. 29-year-old St-Arnaud has burns on her face, arms and upper body due to a household product containing acid. She has burns on 70 per cent of her body.

The victim’s brother, Maxime Gosselin, says he was camping when he received a call from his sister’s friend. The friend told him that St-Arnauld was sprayed with ketchup and mustard during a fight, then left to talk to a friend. When she returned, she was splashed with a corrosive product.

The paint on the apartment wall near the incident peeled off from being exposed to the product.

Gosselin says he knew his sister and her boyfriend had a troubled relationship. He says he hopes Stefanatos will get a tough sentence in court.



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