domestic violence


We are the dead

A months’-long Maclean’s investigation into intimate-partner violence reveals how systems, politicians and people have failed women and girls
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In a story of survival, a different way to understand domestic abuse

It’s hard to watch. But Attiya Khan’s film—documenting her efforts to find common ground with her abusive ex-partner—is important
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An Alberta MLA’s harrowing story of domestic assault

Maria Fitzpatrick, a first-term NDP MLA, spoke for an anti-domestic-violence bill with her own story of abuse and survival that left MLAs in tears
Britain Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson: Domestic assault in real time fuels denials and debate

Tamsin McMahon on the latest in the story all of Britain is talking about
Nigella Lawson

After throat grabbing, Chef Nigella Lawson has "left the family home"

Husband Charles Saatchi describes incident as "a playful tiff"
UBC bike rave

A bike rave, mental illness & Noah Kishinevsky

What students are talking about today (March 20th)
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Quebec acid attack victim in coma

Tanya St-Arnaud’s boyfriend, Nikolas Stefanatos, has been charged with aggravated assault
Why we can’t forgive their violent pasts

Bobby and Chris Brown: Why we can’t forgive their violent pasts

Did the Grammys really need to celebrate a man guilty of the same crime that ruined Whitney Houston’s life?
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UBC student will not regain sight: doctors

Rumana Monzur was attacked by husband in Bangladesh