Quebec municipal politics, nutshell edition

From Today’s La Presse:

“According to the information we have, [disgraced mayor of Mascouche] Richard Marcotte never suggested nor let it be known that he received a tractor from [Quebec construction magnate] Tony Accurso,” said Mr. Accurso’s lawyer, Louis Demers. “For his part, Mr. Accurso confirms that he never made such a donation to Mr. Marcotte.”

It’s even more fun in context. According to the piece [en français], the tractor bit came out during an interview between Marcotte and TVRM, the local Mascouche station. Which never aired. Because Marcotte threatened to sue.

And Marcotte apparently spent time on Accurso’s yacht. Accurso’s partner, Normand Trudel, was doing Mascouche the honour of removing snow from its streets… at prices up to 65 times higher than elsewhere in the province.

Marcotte has repeatedly refused to resign.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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