Quebec separates! (Just kidding.)

Now that we have your attention, hello all and welcome to Deux Maudits Anglais, a blog about Quebec culture, media and politics. Deux Maudits Anglais – Two Goddamn Englishmen – is hosted by yours truly, an honest-to-goodness Tête Carré in Maclean’s Montreal bureau, and Philippe Gohier, a Franco pur laine working in the Maclean’s mother ship in Toronto (so he might as well be English.) We plan on diffusing, dissecting and discussing the filth and delight from the best province in the country, as well as watching how the rest of the country views us – a loaded word in Quebec, if there ever was one.

First, a wee bit of housekeeping on my part. To save you the Google, I post a column I wrote for the National Post last year about how I was never going to blog. Whoops! I’m boiling the crow as I write.

That said, I promise never to use this space to advertise what I drank/ate recently, unless it’s crow. Or Poutine. Speaking of which, the Merguez sausage poutine at 24-hour designer grease joint La Banquise on Rachel Street will scare the hangover right out of your guts.

Also, we’ll read Pauline Marois’ just-released biography, so you don’t have to. Or not.

We’ll also be brutally self-indulgent and post pieces from the print edition of the magazine, as well as

Anyway, salut la visite. Come back often, and if the Maclean’s commenting gods smile on us you can leave your two cents (or deux sous. We are a bilingual country, after all…). It’s moderated, though, so be nice.

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