Return of the dodo!

Kady is strategically positioned in the House of Commons for the historic declaration of Parliament’s confidence, or lack thereof, in Elections Canada. By instant messenger, she reports an extremely rare sighting of a species previously thought to be extinct:

O’Malley: It’s Paul Martin!

Selley: Paul Martin? You must mean the New Jersey Devils’ defenceman.

O’Malley: I do not!

Selley: What’s he… doing?

O’Malley: I’m actually in the House!

Selley: And he’s actually there, in his seat?

O’Malley: He’s going to vote for Elections Canada.

Selley: Right. Couldn’t show up for the Afghanistan vote, but by God, if they’re going to slag Elections Canada…

O’Malley: We send Elections Canada officials to Afghanistan! We’re going to have to ask for them back.

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