Paul Martin

Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day holds up a sign to make a point on national health care during the English leaders' debate on Nov. 9, 2000 (Tom Hanson/CP)

Federal election 2021: On health care, the song remains the same

Paul Wells: Spend enough time covering politics and you eventually deal with weapons-grade déjà vu. Case in point: Liberals warning about the public health system.
Omar Khadr walks to meet the press before a news conference after being released on bail in Edmonton, Alberta

Omar Khadr: a political inkblot test

The political positions on the Khadr payout reveal the difficulties of separating partisan loyalties from the principles of fairness
Omar Khadr walks to meet the press before a news conference after being released on bail in Edmonton, Alberta

Omar Khadr remains a prisoner of partisan politics

Omar Khadr has reportedly reached a settlement with the Canadian government—but he remains caught in the crossfire of years of political point-scoring
trudeau trump

How prime ministers deal with unpopular presidents

What can Justin Trudeau learn from his predecessors when he meets Donald Trump on Monday?
Justin Trudeau Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Ella Grace Trudeau Hadrien Trudeau

Why can’t prime ministers take private flights?

If Justin Trudeau read up on the recent history of conflict-of-interest law, he’d see a past Liberal government forced to tighten up rules for politicians
Kim Campbell  Brian Mulroney

Life after 24 Sussex: What comes next for former prime ministers?

Most served as corporate directors. Two testified at public inquiries. One will help appoint the next Supreme Court justice.
Paul Martin Clothing – Istanbul

Former PM Paul Martin ... an international man of style?!

Who’s behind Paul Martin Canadian, the Istanbul-based clothing chain? Paul Martin, the former prime minister, has been wondering the same thing.
Paul Martin

Paul Martin’s very own class reunion on Parliament Hill

As Martin watched his portrait unveiling, the former PM morphed into valedictorian

Paul Martin remembers Jean Lapierre

The former prime minister on Lapierre’s colourful political life in Quebec and across Canada
Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Three ways budgets have changed in 20 years

Budgets are now longer, more colourful and more conversational than the crusty documents of yore