RNAO Awards honour Maclean’s writers Kate Lunau, Martin Patriquin and Julia Belluz

Maclean’s writers Kate Lunau, Martin Patriquin and Julia Belluz have been honoured with media awards by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario.

Lunau and Patriquin won “best story in a magazine” for their piece titled Asking for an outbreak of preventable diseases. The article considered the fall in infectious diseases and the rise in parents who delay routine immunization:

Parents are increasingly delaying their kids’ shots, or cherry-picking certain vaccines and refusing others. A small, vocal minority avoids all vaccines, often out of the discredited belief that childhood immunization can cause autism. Young doctors are also more ambivalent about vaccines than their older peers. A survey of 551 U.S. doctors showed that recent medical school graduates were 15 per cent less likely to believe they were effective, suggesting the urgency around vaccination is fading away even among physicians.  

Science-ish blogger Julia Belluz tied in the category best story, online, for Is Canada discriminating against foreign-trained doctors?, a story that looked at a new survey that suggested international medical graduates were disproportionately more likely to be charged with professional misconduct

The winners will be honoured April 12 in Toronto at the President’s Banquet at RNAO’s annual general meeting.

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