Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is not really that small

Jason DeCrow/AP

New details about a smaller version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone emerged Thursday, and it looks like the Galaxy S4 Mini will be about the same size as an iPhone 5. That is to say, it’s not too mini.

When Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, amid much hype, people just couldn’t get over how big it was. With a five-inch screen it was certainly not pocket-size, nor was it big enough to qualify as a tablet. The big screen also has a tendency to drain battery life, noted Farhad Manjoo at Slate.

So, now we have the Galaxy S4, with a “mini” (at least by comparison) screen that measures in a 4.3-inches tall (11 cm) and houses a 1.7GHz dual-core processor with 8GB internal memory. The iPhone 5, to compare, is 4.87 inches tall (12 cm).

The phone will be launched in London on June 20, reports The Wall Street Journal. There is no word yet on when North American consumers can buy the phone, but — which published the first images of the mini — says the Galaxy S4 Mini will be available for U.K. consumers in July 2013.

The impending launch of the iPhone-sized mini can’t be good news for Apple, as Samsung’s competitive smartphone offerings continue to put pressure the iPhone maker.

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