Separatist goose, federalist gander

When, in 2001, Bernard Landry referred to the Canadian flag as des bouts de chiffon rouge (‘pieces of red rag’), the entire country was up in arms. Critics on either side of the language barrier were incensed at the then-Deputy Premier’s bon mots, forcing the man himself to apologize.

Yesterday, Education, Sport and Leisure minister (one hope she governs in that order) Michelle Courchesne called out PQ leader Pauline Marois’ (vacuous and cynically cloying) complaints about Quebec Olympians not being allowed to carry the fleur-de-lys at the games. Courchesne said she didn’t want to get into a chicane de guenilles (‘war of the rags’) with her colleague from across the floor. Marois seethed with rage and anger, yet the rest of the country was mum. One wonders why: Is it because Courchesne is a federalist? Is it because she degraded the Quebec flag and the Canadian flag as well, if only by inference?

Or is it possible we’ve moved on from such petty little skirmishes that pass for the national unity debate these days?

Just kidding. That’ll never happen.

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