Shuffleufagus: Oh, fine …

I swore I wouldn’t do it, but the peer pressure has gotten to me.

Predictions after the jump:

Jim Prentice: Minister of Quiet Competence

Lawrence Cannon: Minister of Quiet Competence (Quebec)

Monte Solberg: Minister of Hail Fellow Well Met Bonhomie

Chuck Strahl: Minister of Affable Non-Scary Western Separatism

Jim Flaherty: Minister for Keeping Ontario In Its Place

Tony Clement: Minister for Making Sure The 905 Region Knows It’s Not Them, It’s Toronto. It’s Always Toronto.

David Emerson: Minister of Keeping Track of Cabinet Documents

Jason Kenney: Minister of Righteous Outrage (Parliamentary Secretary: David Tilson)

Deepak Obhrai: Minister of Owlish Proclamations on Non-Huggable Canadians Detained Abroad

Josee Verner: Minister of Looking Fabulous and Supporting Same Sex Marriage Without Facing Retribution

Peter MacKay: Minister of Rugged Yet Bland Handsomeness with responsibility for Rugby

Diane Finley: Minister of Seriously, She’s Still Here? How About — Immigrat — What Do You Mean ‘She’s Already There’? Really? Huh.

John Baird: Minister of Transport Provided It Is Restricted To Areas Served By Porter Air With Decent Local Bistros

Peter Van Loan: Minister of State for Transport (Everywhere Else)

Loyola Hearn: Minister of State for Defence (Danny Williams)

Pierre Poilievre: Minister of State (Chess Club Outreach)

Helena Guergis: Minister of State (Fitness and … Yeah, Just Fitness.)

Diane Ablonczy: Minister of We Couldn’t Keep Her Out of Cabinet Forever

James Moore: Parliamentary Secretary for Him, On The Other Hand…

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